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Honorable Commissioners,

The members of the Puget Sound Anglers, an organization of 15 chapters with thousands of members throughout Western Washington, would like to express our concern about the staff of WDFW asking to increase impacts on wild steelhead in order to prosecute a more extensive gill net fishery on Columbia River spring Chinook.

The recreational fishing community has made numerous sacrifices to contribute to the recovery of wild steelhead. The sacrifices we have made have not yet achieved the level of recovery necessary to allow for healthy, sustainable stocks of wild steelhead. Until that occurs, no increase in harvest, whether incidental or targeted, should be considered. When we do achieve a level of recovery that can sustain additional harvest, that additional harvest should be directed to the recreational sector as mandated by State law (steelhead are a game fish). We acknowledge we are not the only ones to sacrifice for the recovery effort. The cost of recovery is spread throughout our society; to taxpayers, electrical rate payers, home owners & farmers. For so many to have sacrificed so much for so long, only to have the benefits allow for a small group to line their pockets is unconscionable.

We ask that you DO NOT allow any increased impacts of wild steelhead in an attempt to expand the commercial spring Chinook fishery. Thank you for considering our concerns. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Clint Muns

Puget Sound Anglers State Board

Director of Resource Management



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